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   We are spiritual beings here on earth, having a mortal experience, which includes positive and negative experiences. Some experiences impact us in ways that leave us stuck and unable to move on. Other experiences are a direct result of our inherited genetic make-up. We all have generational issues that need some energetic fine-tuning! We carry some burdens that are not even our own!
   Energy Healing is a way to move the negative energy, or clutter, in our body and energy systems, and release it for good- replacing the negative energy with positive energy. 
   "Simply Healed" method is a non-invasive and painless method of healing, dealing with healing relationships, improving ones financial situation, restoring creativity, weight loss, strengthening intuition, and clearing generational issues, to name a few.
    Feeling the release of these negative energies and finding your inner peace truly is a "Blessed Release." As a practioner of Simply Healed, (formerly known as Calyco Energy Healing), let me clear you of any negative clutter and help you find your inner peace!